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    AACO Diplomas

     The evolving airline industry requires ongoing training, update of knowledge, and the current down cycle of the  world economy derives us to concentrate on developing capabilities of middle and top management, and adopt several plans to prepare future leaders. AACO RTC Diploma program is now one of the many additional services and activities that have been added to AACO RTC's main services list. A diploma will be awarded by the Arab Air Carriers Organization (AACO) to those who successfully complete four/five courses within a maximum period of three years.  If the applicant for the diploma had completed an IATA course relevant to the required diploma, a maximum of one IATA course certificate could be included in the sum of the five courses to qualify for AACO RTC diploma. Candidates who complete the four/five courses should send a clear Scanned copy of the certificates of these courses to AACO RTC. AACO RTC in cooperation with its consultants has developed professional twelve Diplomas under the following Names:
    Airline Management
    Airline Marketing Management
    Cargo Management
    Human Resources Management
    Airline Revenue Management and Control
    Aviation Environment and Fuel Management for Airlines
    Aviation Environment and Fuel Management for Airports
    Aviation Medicine Diploma
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